Monday, December 9, 2013


How did you get your start in writing?
I've always written, but not until I read Twilight did I consider actually writing for publication. I made it my goal to finish a book and submit it in January of 2010. I wrote five more novels after that first one, joined the RWA (Romance Writers of America), and found a critique partner. Finally in June of 2012, the call came. My agent loved Tempting the Billionaire and so did Grand Central Publishing. 

What’s your favorite genre to write and why?
Sexy, sassy contemporary romance with a squeeze of humor. I also recently blended that with a dash of paranormal in my haunted house novella "IF YOU DARE". 

Where do you write…kitchen table? Office? Work? :-) 
I really love working from a desk. I have two: one in the basement and one upstairs. I alternate between the two.

Favorite character you’ve written to date and why.

Ohhh, I have to go with Aiden Downey from Hard to Handle (and the prequel novella Can't Let Go). He's been through so much and is so honest. I adore that he's very, very different from any other hero I've ever written. 

POV—pick your poision. First person, third person, dual POV?
I tend to write "deep third" POV, which is kind of like first in that you are privy to all the thoughts in the characters' heads. I write from both the hero & heroine's POVs. I love being in the hero's head!

What’s your typical writing day look like?
Sorry, I fell off my chair because I laughed so hard. There is nothing typical about this business for me! Sometimes I'm writing a first draft, other times I'm editing, sometimes I'm doing both at the same time. Then there's blog posts, answering interview questions ;) and updating my Facebook and Twitter posts. It's all fun though--every bit of it. Especially when I find the time to read.

Any weird quirks while you write? You know, like do you do a handstand while typing with only your right hand when writing kissing scenes…?
I make faces at my computer screen a lot. Whenever I'm working out how to describe my characters' physical responses, I test them out on my own face first. Also with sounds. If I write grunt I actually grunt. 

Lightning Round!

Red or White Wine: Yes, please.
Black or Fixed Coffee: With Coconut milk creamer
Football or Basketball: Sports, meh.
Rap or Jazz: Rock!
Candy or Chocolate: Chocolate
Pirate or Ninja: Pirate (Capt Jack Sparrow will do fine)
Christmas or Easter: Christmas
TV or Netflix: Netflix! I'm so addicted.
Apple or PC: I work from both with equal precision
Thor or Captain America: Thor. All the way.
Muscular or Nerdy: that a thing?
Tattoos or Clean skin: Right now I have a thing for tattoos

Do you have any piercings? 
Yes, but nothing exotic

If you could get one tattoo that would describe your writing what would it be and why?
Probably a lemon with a heart drawn on it...or speared with a pen. ;)

What’s your most embarrassing moment.
I fell off the stage at a concert once. Not cool.

Would you rather be trapped in a room with Tom Hardy for twenty four hours knowing that you’ll have to eventually kill him to leave, or be trapped in a room for twenty four hours, spending your last moments in his loving embrace—before he kills you.
I'd take Hardy DOWN. Then run off into the sunset with Henry Cavill.

Would you rather be known as a bad kisser or a bad hugger?
A bad...hugger? That was a hard question!

Would you rather be a guest on The Ellen show or The Today show?
 Ellen! Even though she would likely embarrass me as she's fond of doing.

You have ten seconds to convince The Kardashians to adopt you. Ready. Set. Go.
OMG. I change my answer on the Tom Hardy question. If it comes to this, he can kill me.

This is the time for you to be inspiring ;) What’s your advice to aspiring authors? 


If you want to be published it's a long, hard road to get it right. Some roads are longer and harder than others but all of them lead to the most rewarding career I've ever been a part of. Get in a community of writers in your local area, join the RWA (or equivalent to) and keep putting that pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard. It'll happen if you strive to be better, and never ever quit.


Do you have a question for readers?

Since I've told you my embarrassing story, why don't you tell me yours? 

For publicly humiliating yourself, I'll do a drawing amongst the commenters and give away a copy of your choice of B&N or Amazon digital novella: Can't Let Go or If You Dare.


  1. My most embarrassing moment? falling right on my behind walking into a job interview... not my most favorable moment....

  2. I once snorted in a job interview! No I didn't get the job either!!

  3. LOL, Linda, do you think that's why?

    What about you, Valerie? Did you get the job?

  4. Oh I have one. I was pushing a cart full of groceries outside in the parking lot, tripped over the curbed and my cart flipped throwing me and all my food on the concrete. Not my finest moment.

  5. Oh. My. Goodness. I'm so sorry, Christy! And OUCH. Can you laugh about it now?

  6. In high school I was pushing my vibraphone through a parking lot (you know, like you do) after marching band practice. I went over a large speed bump a little bit too fast and the instrument flipped over taking me with it. Next thing I knew I was on the asphalt and the keyboard was in pieces all around me. I was absolutely mortified.

    1. Ack! Was it destroyed forever, Jess...or just your pride? lol
      Hey, at least you all make me feel better about my clumsiness.

    2. Fortunately, I was able to put it back together. But I still cringe every time I think about it.

    3. That's me and the stage thing. My knees recovered...but omg...completely cringe-worthy!

  7. Yes, Henry Cavill over Tom Hardy any day!

  8. Thumbs up for choosing Henry Cavill over what his name hardy . I can be your Henry Cavill fangirl buddy :)

    and because I want a a pre Aiden love Im gonna say my most embarrasing moment was that the time when i dont know what "wasabi" is. It was my first time in a japanese restaurant and so there was this green paste thing that I honestly assumed was just a condiments and since I dont like to look like a stupid by asking , I just spread that green thing on my chicken ,,, and holy cow, after few minutes my throats and ears were on fire. I kept silent still, just drinking loads of water until I finished a jug but to no avail. Im crying my eyes out when they notice and ask why and point out that green thing. they were laughing hard and explained that its wasabi and shouldn't be used like butter lol .. seriously, my mouth burst the next day .. so eversince me and wasabi are not best of friends

    1. Oh my goodness! I had a friend do that with horseradish once (thinking it was mashed potatoes) but WOW, wasabi! That's some hot stuff. I can only endure the tiniest bit on my sushi.

  9. Thanks all! WE HAVE A WINNER... before I announce, remember to stay tuned for the next giveaway we're doing's gonna be a BIG ONE.


    drum roll please...


    CONGRATULATIONS TO... JESS! Random Number Generator drew your number out of a hat. Please let me know if you would like CAN'T LET GO, angsty prequel romance to Hard to Handle, or IF YOU DARE, my new spooky haunted mansion romance. Email me at jessica [at] jessicalemmon [dot] com with your e-reader preference. :)